Flocket - Sheep records made easy

Helping sheep farmers to manage their flock records and stay compliant

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Save hours every week, log your medicine purchases and usage, record movements and spend less time in the evenings on your compliance paperwork


Compliance Reports at your finger tips

With all your sheep records on your phone, access your reports and share data at the click of a button, no more stress!

All your animal info at the touch of a button

Easily view every animal’s complete info, assign to groups and log activities from your phone, even if you’re out of signal.


Core Features That Matters

Flock Management

Central place for all animal records, create groups, log activities and access easily when needed

Medicine Cabinet

Record all you medicine purchases, in a central location and make available for compliance reporting

Weight Recording

Record weights quickly, target DWG and ADWG to drive your performance.


Record medicine treatments, to Individual of groups of animals for the medicine you have purchased.


Keep track of when you put the RAMs to your flock and estimate lambing dates.


Record animal movements on and off your flock.

What are customers saying

Everyday farmers are enjoying the benefits for Flocket.


Easily access your animal information at the touch of a button


Install Flocket directly from device’s store

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a free trial?

Flocket is a free app

you can download it and use it at no cost.

2. Can I use Flocket on different Phones ?

Yes ! It will work on any Apple or Android Phone.

3. Can I Share Flocket with other people?

You can invite contacts into your flock from the settings

as you record information it is shared to their device when you have an internet access. There is no additional charge.

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Have questions? Reach out to us at info@flocket.ie